Do you have a business offline, whether a shop or company, and worried about Sales??

Do you have a business offline, whether a shop or company, and worried about Sales??

Yes! Then being anxious will not help. Just Think about your product and/or services and write down some points;

1. Think about your product/services and write down, life of your product, like cooked food, Sweets, accounting services, and manufacturing of capital Goods. If you will see all the industries have a geographical limitation. Let us explain you;

1.1 First case of Cocked Food- you can’t deliver the food beyond a certain distance, so your business for food should have a multiple stores in every cities or in which cities you want deal. Or you can deliver your food within the city.

1.2 Second case of Accountancy services: You can provide your accountancy services only within the country because every country have their own taxation and accounting system so in this case from one place you can provide your services within the country.

1.3 Third Case of manufacturing of capital goods. If you are a manufacturer of capital goods so you can sale your product across the globe, there is no geographical limitation for you.

2. Price of your product, check that how can you reduce the price of your product/services. Calculate your extra expanse on delivery and support after sale, if you deliver your product beyond the city or state or country so after including your delivery cost, your product cost should not be increased more than the local selling cost of the product in shipped place.

3. Promotion of your product, make an estimate for your promotion cost, how much cost you have to pay to have business,

4. Requirements of buyer, where you are going to sell your product, Is your target audience really need this, your product can satisfy their requirements or can you customized your product according to their requirements Just think.

5. Buying behavior of your customers, your customer is going to purchase directly to the market or they are purchasing it from internet. One more thing you need to analysis that if your customer is doing direct purchasing from market so are they affected by internet or are they discussing with about price and product available on internet, if yes it means they are aware about internet and will shift from direct purchasing to purchase from internet.

They are so many points which we will discuss, in next article but in the conclusion of this article you will see there is one common action which we all have to take is; availability on Internet. We all have to be available on internet 24X7, because may be your buyer will do direct purchasing but if you will be online so he can discuss with you about your product and services, and when he will come to market for purchasing so he will directly come to you.

You need a website to get found by the customers looking out for you online.

Irrespective of the type of business you run, a well-designed website with every information available on it can help you earn regular customers and enter into the global market.

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