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How To Grow Business in Pandemic Using Digital Marketing Techniques

Covid 19 has deeply affected everyone’s lives, whether an entrepreneur or an ordinary person, in several ways. From the global economy dropping to thousands of people dying every day to businesses incurring a loss, 2020 has been a roller coaster ride.

Several people lost jobs, and few businesses closed permanently with no source of income. Out of all, small companies faced huge losses as they rely heavily on traditional marketing methods.

With everyone indoors and no one outside to see the banners, billboards etc., every effort was going in vain. But if you see the positive side, then many new businesses came up with unique ideas and existing ones made millions with minor tweaks in their marketing strategy.

But how can you think of thriving in this challenging time of pandemic? How can you still survive and increase your customer base? How to boost revenue? Etc. The answer is by using Digital Marketing instead of Traditional Marketing.

Before diving deeper, let’s discuss why it’s high time to follow a digital marketing approach.

Why follow Digital Marketing over Traditional Marketing during a pandemic?

Traditional methods work no more and are not the right approach to follow at this point because:

  • Everyone is told to stay inside with no one on the road who will see the billboards, posters, banners etc. If it continues for a long, then your business will suffer.
  • Currently, most businesses are shut, and with no sales as before, it becomes tough to spend money on advertising and marketing with no Return on Investment.
  • Your marketing efforts will not convert as before. Even if people decided to come out of their homes, then that would be only for buying groceries, medicines, going to work etc. but not for roaming around as the threat of Covid 19 is still out there.
  • Using the traditional marketing approach, you tend to spend more and earn less attention. On the other side, Digital marketing focuses on only your target audience and save you a huge fortune.

Here Digital Marketing comes into play to stay ahead even in these challenging times and directly connect with people willing to deal with you. Even the businesses already familiar with these online marketing techniques made a few tweaks to combat the ongoing situation.

Moreover, due to lockdown now, plenty of people spend hours online consuming a variety of content, so your chances of getting recognized by the potential audience have increased tenfold. What are you waiting for?

How Can Digital Marketing Help Your Business Flourish During Pandemic?

Yes, we all know covid-19 is still around, but it doesn’t mean you halt your digital marketing practices. We discussed several reasons that explain how to come out and gain an edge over the competitors.

Even in a time of crisis, Digital Marketing has a huge role to play. The people sitting idle at home, browse the internet and scroll their social media feed.

Below we listed some ways that explain how you can leverage the power of Digital Marketing for small or large business and see the numbers growing:

Shift to Online World

The only way to keep the count low and fight the new virus is to stay indoors. The lockdown is still imposed in different locations, so people prefer to shop online. Going to a physical store is still considered risky by many people. So here, you have the chance to bring your business online and connect with your target audience through digital marketing.

With plenty of businesses coming online, the proper digital marketing and SEO strategies will give you the desired edge. Moreover, people nowadays, to entertain themselves browse the web for hours and hours. Here you again have the chance to win the attention of your audience searching online.

The innovative, savvy businesses are already making use of the opportunity available. Those who shifted at the right time are already earning enough revenue. Even in the times of Covid-19, they experienced significant growth in customer base and brand awareness.

If you have no idea about capturing the attention of the target audience and selling your products or services to them, then Code Calibre’s experts can help. Their digital marketing experts are familiar with everything it takes to grow your online business.

Connect With Potential Clients

To be visible to your potential clients, you need to raise brand awareness. It would be best if you got found online irrespective of where your audience is searching for you. Once your brand becomes visible to immense people, then you automatically drive more sales. Using digital marketing strategies, you can reach out to customers more easily than before.

The traditional marketing methods come with boundaries, but on digital platforms, there is no limitation. You can expand your business in any way you want in any location. Small business owners using local SEO connect with their potential customers.

Your website is the first interaction of the target audience with your business. With digital marketing, your website can reach anyone likely to buy your products or services. To make your website the best, keep posting high-quality content frequently and stay in touch with customers.

In the covid-19 times, a myriad of small businesses started operating during the pandemic and now using digital marketing strategies are scaling enough. If you know how to leverage, you can take your business to new heights and earn more than expected. In case you have no idea how to do this, then you can seek help from us.

Adapt with Change For Better

We all know this covid situation will soon end, and businesses will resume, but isn’t it better to adapt to change for the better. If you tweak the strategies a little and stay relevant to your audience’s needs, the business will flourish. The pandemic has entirely changed the way companies used to function and follow digital marketing tactics.

During the pandemic, the companies who followed Digital Marketing tactics realized around 18% growth in the first quarter of 2020. All businesses must understand that this situation will not stay forever. You hold a firm grip on your customer base, focus on improving brand awareness. If once you lost the battle, then it would be tedious to stand back on your feet. Digital marketing, if applied now, will help you in the long run for sure.

Right now, adapting to change is the only way out to success if you don’t want to disappear. Take your business right now to different digital platforms where your audience is already waiting for you.

Most of the businesses have already adapted to the situations around them. Now is your chance to turn challenges into opportunities that will turn to growth. Boost your growth right away and stay ahead of your competitors. Along with this, don’t forget to follow all the required measures to keep the customers and employees safe.

Success Example: Take the example of the clothing industry. You must have seen various brands or small businesses coming up with a variety of masks. They made masks of different colours, patterns, sizes, etc., to cater to your needs. They took the challenge and turned it into a business idea. Now such businesses have an excellent customer base and are earning enough revenue.

Leverage SEO

As you know, most businesses have closed down, so it made room for other companies to flourish. Almost every industry is facing little low competition compared to before. It made the path for you to come upfront and get in touch with your audience. By adequately following the SEO practices, you can surely rank on the first page for different keywords. Keep propelling your brand or take the help of SEO experts at Code Calibre.

You can never take your eyes off SEO as it is consistent activity. When we run the campaigns for you, we ensure you earn a long-term return on investments. Your site rankings get affected if you ignored SEO for merely a few days. Instead of beginning from scratch, keep following white hat SEO practices and see your site going up in first page SERPs.

Spend Less and Reach More

Digital Marketing, compared to traditional marketing, help you reach a target set of audiences quickly on a limited budget. Instead of wasting your time around, directly connect with customers and sell your products or services to those interested in buying.

There are various businesses around that provide home services like repairing, installation, etc. Such companies run in specific locations and render services to local audiences. They also make use of digital marketing to reach more customers and provide safe services at their doorstep.

Make intelligent decisions and earn a higher return on investments by spending less time. Some businesses are already cashing enough money by using the proper techniques at the right time.

Learn, Unlearn and Implement

No single strategy fits all businesses, so you need to keep experimenting. Be quick and creative when it comes to implementing new changes. Measure your success and always focus on learning new things and unlearning previous ones that are not working anymore.

Ensure whatever experiments you are running are cost-effective and meet your requirements.
If you get expected results, then go for it; otherwise, move to the next one.

As you know, people are locked up in their homes and spend most of the time online, so make use of PPC marketing. Through this, connect with the customers. As your competitors are already working a bit slow, so leverage the opportunity and outrank them.

Make use of Local SEO to optimize the website for the local audience. No need to panic anymore as soon the situation will revert to normal.


So far, we think it’s clear now that any business can flourish online by using the right digital marketing strategies. The small businesses are leveraging the opportunity, and there is still a much broader scope for your business to grow.

In case you don’t know where to start, then hire a digital marketing expert. Code Calibre has the desired experts needed to propel your business online and gain more exposure. They work under your set budget and promise to deliver only the best.

Moreover, during this challenging time, keep your mindset positive and keep learning from the mistakes. As an entrepreneur or business owner, you need to try and discard a few things. It may sound like a bitter truth, but it’s true.

If you have any queries to ask or need our help, don’t hesitate to connect with us immediately.

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