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Angular JS development

At Code Calibre, We are providing highly productive AngularJS Web development services. AngularJS plays a significant role in building a large scale framework suited for your business-specific web application development. AngularJS is fully extended and works well with other libraries to offer optimized connectivity for large Web applications.

Built by Google, Angular JS is a highly reliable programming environment that has unique features and provides easy to scale architecture for modern applications. It was specifically built to empower single page application with powerful features and extensible functionalities.

Some of the top online website platforms are now using Angular JS in their backend development to scale their environment to meet the rising demand for handling millions of users every second. Upwork, Netflix, Google, Freelancer,, etc are now using Angular JS in building highly interactive UI to deliver seamless user experience with outstanding performance.

AngularJS gives you a chance to expand HTML jargon for your application. The subsequent condition is uncommonly expressive, lucid, and snappy to create. Different systems manage HTML's weaknesses by either abstracting ceaselessly HTML, CSS or potentially JavaScript or by giving a basic method to controlling the DOM.

Neither of these locations the root issue that HTML was not intended for dynamic perspectives. AngularJS is a toolset for structure the system most fit for your application advancement. It is completely extensible and functions admirably with different libraries. Each component can be altered or supplanted to suit your one of a kind improvement work process and highlight needs. Angular JS has transformed the modern experience for users by offering them highly interactive UI/UX solutions. Code Calibre has worked on more than 100+ live platforms for Angular JS development with immense precision.

Why AngularJS
  • AngularJS provides easy and fast development
  • It provides custom widget development
  • Complete reusable HTML component
  • It provides two way data binding feature
  • MVC based architecture
  • Providing complete ground for testing
  • AngularJS offers customized and agile methodologies for dynamic solutions
  • Progressive Web Apps
  • Native Mobile Apps
  • Desktop Apps
  • High Performance and Speed
  • Command Line Tools
  • Huge Supportive Community
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Single Page Application (SPA) Development
Angular JS also brings complete structure for building sophisticated Single Page Applications (SPA). Our Developers can help you leverage the power of Angular JS in building fast, flexible and scalable Angular JS applications with impeccable performance. Our highly experienced Angular JS consultant uses their skills to transform complex web architecture into single-page applications for efficient use.
Services We offer at Code Calibre for Angular JS:
  • Angular JS multi-platform web development
  • E-commerce Application Development
  • Real-Time Chat Application
  • Highly UI/UX experience development
  • NodeJS plugin development
  • Ajax Development
  • Portal Development
  • API Development
  • Migrations and Porting Services
  • Gmail like Application
What does Code Calibre bring for Your Angular JS Development?
Dedicated and Highly proficient Angular JS web development
Scalable and Versatile Angular JS development
Cutting edge technological solutions
Cost-Effective solutions with source code authorizations
Secure Development area with proficient monitoring
Highly skilled and experienced team of Angular JS developers
Ease of Hiring with hourly, daily and project basis
24x7 Smooth Communication
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